Who can save them and put things back in order? The hero of the book series – Herman!

Who can save them and put things back in order? The hero of the book series – Herman! Each morning he catches a red double-decker bus to a different destination – the Villes. When he gets there he unwittingly solves the mystery as to why all the inhabitants of Tiredsville for instance, are always tired.

Would you like to help Herman solve his mysteries on his journeys to… The Villes?

In Tiredsville the inhabitants are perpetually tired.

Join Herman as he boards the Big Red Double Decker bus to Tiredsville. Why is everyone always so tired? In particular, Chester, the Tiredest person in Tiredsville, who can’t even stay awake while eating his cornflakes. Could it be something to do with Mr Harrington, the mattress maker? Can you beat Herman to solve the mystery?


In Fullsville their trousers are bursting at the seams.

Eric has a problem. He’s so full that the top button of his trousers has just pinged off across the kitchen. He is, without doubt, the fullest person in Fullsville. But why is everyone here always so full? Could it be something to do with Gribshaws famous pie shop? Join Herman on the Big Red Double Decker Bus as he tries to solve the mystery.

In Coldsville people are always freezing cold.

Jasmine, the coldest person in Coldsville is ffffffffffffreeeeeeeezing. She’s so cold, she doesn’t want to get out from under the duvet. Why is it always sooooo cold in Coldsville? Could it be something to do with the new ice cream factory that’s been built by the river? Buy a ticket and hop on the Big Red Double Decker bus to Coldsville with Herman to find out.


Martin Roberts


Martin Roberts is a much loved TV & Radio Presenter, Journalist and Author. Having gained a degree in Electrical Engineering, he went on to present ITV’s Travel show Wish You Were Here for 10 years. He is currently presenting BBC1’s hit daytime property auction show Homes under the Hammer (Which is now in its 14th year and 21st series).


He lives in Bath with his partner Kirsty, son Scott (9), daughter Megan (7), 2 golden Retrievers, 1 labradoodle, 2 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters and 25…no..26…no, wait…27 goldfish.


T: @TVMartinRoberts

Jackie Geoghegan


Jackie Geoghegan studied Art and Design at college, before specialising in book illustration. She paints professionally and lives in Cardiff with her two children, Shane (12) and Mollie (8).

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